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We are the first and only Japanese Curry restaurant in Jax and in the southeast. We started our business in 2017 and served our customers from a food truck in every part of the greater Jacksonville area.

As a stepping stone in the process of building a restaurant from the ground up, operating in a mobile environment taught us the importance of foundation and establishment. In September 2020, our family realized our long-time dream of serving our customers from a full-service kitchen... located in the Mandarin area.

By providing specialty Japanese curry rice, noodles, and Japanese craft beers and drinks, our favorite part about our restaurant is our customers. Our family has 20+ years of experience in the kitchen, and we know how to make dishes that put a smile on your face.

Our Mission

We continually strive to improve our menu. Whether it’s improving our current recipe, adding new menu items, and/or specials that you can’t get anywhere else in Jax.

Thank you for embracing our concept, our food, and our family. We appreciate each and every one of you!

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Our Curry

Our curry is made from scratch from our own kitchen, we blend and mix all of curry recipe, our curry powder, our stock, our curry rue with putting very much attention into detail that you will never get anywhere else because our curry its so unique. A lot of love goes into our food which we hope you will taste!

And if you want to eat in the comfort of your home, don’t worry keep calm and curry on! We’ve got the perfect take-out for you! Our delicious Japanese Curry is packaged separately from the ingredients. So when you get home, the rice/noodles, vegetables, and meat are as fresh as can be. Just pour that delicious curry on your dish, or if you prefer, scoop a bite at a time. There is no wrong way, just a delicious way!

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The Only One

First, and only, Japanese curry restaurant in Jacksonville and the southeast! Check out our menu and visit us or place your order online today.

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